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Welcome to Car Wash Company, LLC Direct. Here you will find products for the automated car wash market, dealership market, and the car care enthusiast. We offer the most well respected, high quality brands in each market, Warsaw Chemical and Meguiar’s Products.

Warsaw Chemical is a leading manufacturer to the automated car wash market, offering Car Choice Products. These products are used by today’s industry icons not by accident, but by choice. They deliver on exceptional quality and chemistry at the lowest price. We are pleased to announce the addition of a new program to our website. Because of our high volume, long-term partnership with Warsaw Chemical, we now offer a Direct shipment program to our customers, saving them hundreds of dollars per order.  Please click on our Services page for more details on this program.

Meguiar’s is the world’s leading manufacturer to the dealership and car care enthusiast market. For over 100 years, Meguiar’s has grown through one person telling another about the remarkable results they got from using Meguiar's products. Car Wash Company, LLC is proud to be partnered with Meguiar’s and to continue that tradition with on site training, car care clinics, and rental car care programs. Meguiar’s has now begun the rollout of a much-anticipated Windmaster Sign Program. This All-new program allows dealerships and car washes to feature trusted Meguiar’s products and signage. Click on our Services page to learn more about his exciting new program.

Vendor Testimonials

Meguiar's is proud to have Car Wash Company, LLC as our Focused Detailer Distributor in Alabama. Their passion, knowledge, integrity, and concern for the customer is second to none. With years of experience, they have proven to not only move high volumes of Meguiar's, but more importantly drive profitability for their customers. In this economy working with a distributor who has your best interest in mind is key, Car Wash Company, LLC is that distributor.
—Jeff Brown
Business Development Manager, Meguiar's, Inc.

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