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Car Wash Services

We understand what operators are going through because we have been on your side of the business. We’ve owned, managed, and ran a full serve and self serve car wash.  Car Wash Company, LLC looks at your business the same way you do. We are a chemical and dispensing application distributor by choice. Our focus is only on maximizing your chemicals cleaning potential while monitoring cost, unlike the typical equipment supplier, who happens to drop off chemicals while there fixing a broken machine or trying to always up sell you on equipment upgrades.

In today’s current business model, most operators’ feel “locked in” or “obligated” to purchase chemicals from the equipment company that installed their equipment. This is because the equipment suppliers will “encourage” and sometimes “threaten” you to NOT purchase chemicals from a less expensive source or they won’t show up or charge excessive amounts when called out to make a repair to the equipment. Leaving you to pay the constant price increases, delivery charges, and large amount of quantities to get the so called “best prices”. But most importantly, it’s taking away your free will to shop around and find the best product at the most economical price to help lower your operating cost. The truth in the matter is the equipment company’s are distributors of equipment first, chemicals second. What they don’t want you to know is that are obligated to their equipment manufacture to service your equipment at a reasonable price and in a timely manner, regardless of whether you buy chemicals from them or not, to maintain a high customer service rating. Otherwise they will lose their distributorship from the equipment manufacture to a higher rated customer service distributor.

Our goal is to change the current way of doing business. Put you first as the operator, no matter how small or how large your business is and provide you with the tools to maximize your car wash’s potential.

Factory Direct Shipping Program 

Car Wash Company, LLC was given special privileges to go after a market in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and the panhandle of Florida with a Direct Shipping program not offered in other territories.  We are limited in shipping outside of these territories. This program offers large savings while still maintaining, if not improving your wash quality, that will help your car wash prosper in years to come.  The savings are as much as 20 to 40 %.

How it works
It’s simple.

    1. Go to the products page to select the products you are looking to purchase.
    2. Checkout with one of the many payment methods.
    3. Once your order is completed you will receive an email to confirm your order.
    4. Completed orders will ship from the Factory within 4 days, when this happens; you will be notified of the carrier and tracking information.

Service Reports

Car Wash Company, LLC offers at no cost to you, bi-monthly or monthly Service Reports to our route area customers. This service report includes Business Performance, Cost Per Car Analysis, and Operational Efficiency.

This report can be done on site by one of our representatives in our route area. A Cost Per Car Analysis report is available for our Factory Direct customers via email.

The Business Performance gives you the vital information related to your car wash package and a la carte sales. This information will help you understand what packages your customers are buying and how they make up your revenue. This is important when you are trying to target a certain package or la carte service.

The Cost Per Car Analysis will show you what you are spending per car on chemicals. This is also broken down to a per product basis in the Operational Efficiency section. As we build a cost per car history you will begin to see a bar graph, very similar to your utility bill, of your previous cost per car’s and dates they were performed. This will show you “at a glance” what it was a month ago or 6 months ago. We also have beside it a bar graph of your dollar per car history. This shows you “at a glance” your total revenue per car next to your chemical cost per car.

Car Wash Sample ReportThe Operational Efficiency is an individual product performance section that has each product broken down to show you your inventory on hand, ounces used during this report, number of car washed, number of ounces per car, your price per ounce, and cost per car for each product.

This report will give you the vital information to help put you back on track to optimizing your car wash’s potential.

Download a Sample Report

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